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Monday, August 21, 2006



  • At 12:07 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    This is my first comment in your blog although I've been checking it out regularly for a year. I am so glad you are already in a much safer place. You had me worried for a while.

    So, What was the BBC interview about? Do tell us more about the daily going-ons from where you are.

    And I so love cats, thanks for the loving pictures.

    Freezy from Singapore

  • At 12:27 PM , Blogger BJFORD3 said...

    Hello, Raghda.
    Thank you very much for this happy cat picture. They look as if they're busy coming or going, in their little wagon. They all fit just right and look as if they really get along well.
    Found any nice cats in the UAE yet? I bet some will find you soon. This morning at work I fed a cat outside and removed 3 mats of fur from its chest and hip. Now I'm sure he's feeling more comfortable. I hope you and your family stay well. Congratulations again on celebrating a birthday this month! I start my classes at school tomorrow (my last year of law school).

  • At 3:32 PM , Anonymous missiris said...

    Dear Raghda--Happy belated birthday! And thank you for the latest picture of the four little kitties in a wagon. Your photos bring me a smile every time. It is so nice of you to keep up this post--I've told you before that you are a remarkable ambassador of good will--and I hope you realize how clever and powerful you are. You make it possible for human communication to continue at a time of crisis, simply by showing everyone your love for cats.

  • At 10:07 PM , Blogger David said...

    What a nice group of friends! :) How about you Raghda? Have you met any new friends yet? I hope so! :)

  • At 3:19 AM , Blogger Raghda Zaid said...

    Hello friends,
    Thank you so much for the comments and no, I havn't met any friends yet, my school will start on september.


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