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Friday, February 23, 2007

What do you think they are doing??


  • At 6:31 AM , Blogger BJFORD3 said...

    I think these silly kittens are having a discussion about which one of them can stay in the spot behind the tree trunk in a game of hide-and-seek. Apparently, they may not realize that while they're deciding, their little bellies and tails are sticking out in plain view! Or maybe they're just debating who should climb up the tree first, talking about what they'll do when they get to the top, or whether they should climb at all...Judging by some kittens, I'm not too sure they give much thought to how they'll get back down!

  • At 6:42 AM , Blogger BJFORD3 said...

    By the way (in regards to your last comment on the previous post), I think many cats can have very happy lives in apartments. If you have more than one there, though, they just need to have enough room to be able to get away from each other because they are very territorial. Other people may have different opinions. But housecats have been domesticated for a long time. They're not wild animals anymore, and I think I would worry a lot if my cats went outside. I guess you're right, though: it depends on where you live and if you think the cat would be happy in your home. I'm sure ANY cat would be happy to have you for a companion, no matter where you are, because you'd love it!

  • At 9:03 AM , Blogger David said...

    Well, this tree looks like it has a large wound. Similar trees that I have seen often have insects eating the exposed wood or tree sap. So, I think that the kittens are playing with the insects.

  • At 9:13 AM , Blogger David said...

    Hi again, Bjford3's comment made me go back to the previous post to read your comments there. I agree with Bjford3, an indoor cat can be very happy. I have had several cats that never went outside. They can be quite happy if you provide a few toys, play with them frequently, and of course, give them lots of love! :) So, I encourage you to get a new cat!

  • At 6:10 AM , Anonymous missiris said...

    I have had cats forever and I know what they are doing. They are sharpening their claws on the tree just as my little monsters have sharpened their claws on my furniture even though they have a post for that purpose. Since they can't use an emery board, they peel off the top older layer of their claws, leaving their perfect talons underneath. Sometimes they do this with their teeth, leaving sharp pieces everywhere. These kitties, like all kitties, are learning how to be cats.

  • At 9:23 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    I think the one on the left is telling the one on the right that there is a mouse on the other side of the tree, and how they will work together to get it!

    Of course, when the right one finds no mouse on the other side of the tree, he'll jump on the one on the left and they will both bounce away with their tails straight up like little bottle brushes.

    Thanks again for the kitties!


  • At 9:27 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    I should have added: I have three kitties myself, living in an apartment, and I have found that cats in groups of three or more seem to develop a kind of "pride" mentality and seem to be happier. My three curl up together and groom each other all the time, and chase each other around the place (except for the big fat kitty, who waddles after the other two to see what they are fighting about).

    It is very good to see kitties living happy lives all the way across the globe...


  • At 1:12 PM , Blogger Dana said...

    Ragda, I nominated you for a Thinking Blogger Award at this post.

  • At 7:03 PM , Blogger fjb said...


    I agree with bjford and David that there are many, many cats who live happily indoors. I have a very old cat (17 years now!), and she has lived indoors for most of her life. As long as they have fresh greens (you can grow "cat grass" in a pot), something they can sharpen their claws on, and you play with them, they can be perfectly happy.

    Mind you, you have to be ready to clean out the litter box everyday, too!


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  • At 4:08 PM , Anonymous Mark in US said...

    Hi, I have 2 kittens at home right now, 6 cats total, all rescued from the street, and I am convinced these kittens are trying to bring that small tree down so they can play on it better. My cats are all indoor cats due to diseases and bigger animals outside and mine do that same thing with furniture, lights, and so on.
    I found you via Iraq The Model. I have 2 daughters out of high school (over 18 yrs old) and wish you and your family well.


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