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Monday, September 15, 2008

Words From Raghda

Hello dear friends,

I am OK and still reading this blog. I am going to the university next year :) I just got my IELTS score yesterday and it was very good, I am so happy. And I am so sorry for stop blogging, maybe one day I'll be back again. This blog was and still the best thing I have ever done in my life. Don't forget me. I love you all.



  • At 5:06 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Raghda, I wish you all the best in your future studies. I hope the situation in your country improves soon. Adriana in Brussels

  • At 10:29 AM , Blogger PenGun said...

    Good to see you are OK. All the best.

  • At 8:37 AM , Blogger fjb said...

    Hi Raghda,

    When you decide to blog again please tell us what you will be taking in university. I'm sure you will do many great things in your life, not just this blog. I will never forget you and take care. May we see peace in our time.


  • At 5:07 AM , Anonymous iris said...

    Thank you for your note. We love you too and wish you great success. (See, I told you I would keep checking your blog until I heard from you again.) Yours, msiris. I care and persevere.

  • At 12:32 PM , Blogger BJFORD3 said...

    Congratulations on your opportunity to continue your education! You've worked very hard for it. I hope you study something that's fun and interesting for you. And one day I hope you have all the cats you could possibly want!

  • At 2:46 AM , Blogger Raghda Zaid said...

    Hello friends,

    I can use some help about what I am going to study in the university, so what do you think?? Something fun and interesting like Bjford3 said. Tell me what do you think I should study?

  • At 11:30 AM , Blogger D. Dutta-Roy said...

    I share your same passion for cats. Started with my pet cats...Now it has evolved into a Greater Love for all the 36 species of Cats.

    If you like can contribute a helluva lot by studying Conservation Biology, Ecology, etc....

    There r good sites like the Cat Specialist Group, of course WWF...etc..
    c my blog greenblueplanet.blogspot,com

  • At 12:41 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Raghda, what's fun and interesting is something only YOU can really decide.

    What are your favorite things to do now? I know you're doing well in school, but is there a subject you especially like?

    If you could magically have whatever life you want, what would it be?



  • At 4:38 PM , Blogger BJFORD3 said...

    I'm probably not able to give good advice because I'm not familiar enough with the types of subjects offered at universities in the Middle East. Be prepared for your interests to change over time. You're still very young. Sometimes, you may think you're interested in something, and the more you find out about it, the less you like it. Other times you might come across something you think you won't like, and it will really appeal to you. The university will be a great experience for you to figure that out for yourself. No matter what you do, I'm sure you'll do well! Stick with what you like -- then it will be easier for you to be happy and successful. There are many ways to learn, and getting an education is so much better than doing nothing. You have to keep in touch on your blog so we don't worry about you so much! By the way: HAPPY BIRTHDAY -- even though it was about a month ago!! :-)

  • At 8:38 AM , Blogger fjb said...

    Hi Raghda,

    Have you ever thought of Veterinary Medicine with your specialty being small animals? I think with your love of cats that this may be a perfect fit for you.:)

    Cheers and peace,

  • At 8:16 AM , Blogger John said...

    Congratulations Raghda! I couldn't presume to tell you what to study, but I'll say a prayer for you. Just a thought: the best thing you do isn't a thing, it's just being yourself. That's why you were born.

  • At 4:47 PM , Blogger jarvenpa said...

    Raghda, we will never forget you. And you will do many wonderful things in your life, and I hope you will tell us some of them, sometime.
    I have a new cat, a little Manx (they are the ones with no tails; I don't know if you have that kind where you are). He is named Finnegan and is quite a funny, lively cat. He was tiny and sick when he came to me, but now is fine, and enjoys the company of my other cats and dog in our new bookstore (for we have moved).
    Be well, you are held in my heart.

  • At 7:19 AM , Anonymous msiris said...

    Dear Raghda-- In American colleges, students take required courses at the beginning to expose them to studies they may never have thought of. As BJFord says your interests may change and you don't have to decide now. One of your striking interests seems to be international studies--because of your brave reaching out on the blog--or perhaps writing itself. You know yourself best and you will see your own reaction to what the university offers. I wanted to be a reconstructive surgeon, until I saw my chemistry book, and switched to an English Literature major! What a scaredy cat I was!

  • At 10:29 PM , Blogger ariansade said...

    I am very happy for you and all that you have accomplished so far in your life. If possible I would like to know if there is any controversy with you attending school, whether it is from your family or friends. Also what is your current religion if you do not mind me asking, and do your religious practices ever interfere with you exercising your freedom to go to school? Has your religion or elders made it a problem for you to go to school? How does it feel to be able to exercise rights as a woman to go to school as that was something that was not allowed many years ago?
    Thanks from a fellow student,

  • At 10:36 PM , Anonymous Arian said...

    I am very happy for you and all that you have accomplished so far in your life. I am from the United States and live in Philadelphia. I am very interested to learn more about the Middle East, the people and cultures that inhabit it. I would like to ask you a few questions if that is ok?! If possible I would like to know if there is any controversy with you attending school, whether it is from your family or friends. Also what is your current religion if you do not mind me asking, and do your religious practices ever interfere with you exercising your freedom to go to school? Has your religion or elders made it a problem for you to go to school? How does it feel to be able to exercise rights as a woman to go to school as that was something that was not allowed many years ago?

    A fellow student,

  • At 2:02 AM , Blogger Inglor said...

    Hehe, I would recommend mathematics, because I love it (and have a PhD to prove that love :-).

    But yes, fjb makes more sense than me: veterinary medicine is probably the one specialization for you.

    BTW If you study veterinary discipline in Europe, you will probably have to practice on pigs as well, as these are important in Euro agriculture. Now it depends how seriously you take the religious prohibitions with regard to pigs.

  • At 5:57 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Raghda, take care! I hope all is well. Good luck in your studies at the university and please keeping posting for the world!

    Chao y te cuidas!
    Mr. Monti

  • At 8:48 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Hi Raghda,
    I'm glad you are back. I missed reading your blog. Whatever you study it will expand your horizons. I've enjoyed watching you grow up from a child to a young woman with lots of potential to improve this world. Your experiences have given you much depth and empathy. People who live lives without challenges don't grow. Keep loving your cats. My best regards to you. Liz

  • At 12:31 AM , Blogger CJ Stone said...

  • At 7:27 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    So glad to know you are safe and happy! Iraq for ever, cats for ever and Baghdad Girl forever...keep in touch my friend.


  • At 10:02 AM , Anonymous ariansade said...

    Hope that you are doing well. Reading back on your previous blogs you talked about the celebration of EID. You stated something about it not being as prevalent now like it was years ago. I want to know if you think it is not done publicly or not done at all. Is there a possibility that it is celebrated in the home. Is EID something you still partake in even though so much is going on in your country? Also now that you live in UAE do you celebrate EID or is that something that has been downgraded or not done so much because of the war?
    Thanks, Arian

  • At 4:31 AM , Anonymous Grateful Child said...

    Hi Baghdad Girl...,
    ...and it's good to hear from you again. I hope all is well for you in these trying times.
    As for your vocation, perhaps a writing career, or seeing how you like cats so much, about becoming a veterinarian? So many lonely kitties out there... ...Grateful Child/Wes

  • At 6:13 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Raghda, it is so good to hear from you. I ask God to keep you and those you love out of danger. Going to university will be exciting. Close no doors and go with an open mind. See what happens and where your interests take you. God's peace to you and your family. ghc in North Carolina, US America

  • At 7:41 PM , Blogger LCB said...

    Raghda, You are a blessing to many people who care for you and love you - and to your cute kittens as well! Hope to read more of you again in the near future. You have lightened up our lives with your inspiring posts. May you be well and happy always. - Les

  • At 1:17 PM , Blogger Effie said...

    Raghda, I'm in my last year of my English BA and I'm going to grad school next year. If you enjoy the humanities, I can see you doing great in them because of how creative and eloquent you are. But like others have said, you should find something you truly love and go for it. Best of luck! Love,

  • At 6:36 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...


    It’s wonderful to have a post from you. You’re still in my favorites list and I click occasionally hoping…

    I read something a while ago and thought of you. I looked it up just now because I thought you might be glad to know that some of the cats of Baghdad are doing well:

    I hope there will be many opportunities awaiting you when you are able to return to your beloved Iraq. You were the first Iraqi blogger I found and you touched my heart. I think of you and the other Iraqi bloggers I follow every time I hear of a bomb or attack. My heart bleeds for you.

    Why is peace such a hard concept for politicians?

    Iraq for ever, cats for ever and Baghdad Girl for ever...!!!

  • At 12:10 AM , Blogger g-Lemon said...

    you need to keep study raghda~

    hope you get to be who you supposed to be. (*wink)

    well, do update your blog later on soon as possible.

    we keep tracking you.

    tata~ and have a great day!!

  • At 12:20 PM , Blogger Terrible said...

    Best of luck in whatever you chose to study! And hope to see you on here again letting us know how your studies are going.

  • At 8:12 PM , Blogger fr7ty said...

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    موقع أكثر من رائع شكرا لكم

    موضوع جميل جدا يستحق القراءه

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  • At 11:25 PM , Blogger . said...

    hy.. Assalammualaikum,.. my name is sahara from indonesia... greet to recognize and your blog [is] very good.

  • At 6:57 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    You are amazing. I wish you the best in your life.

    Sergio from Peru =)

  • At 12:49 PM , Blogger David said...

    Hi Raghda,

    I haven't visited your blog for a long time, but I'm glad to see another post. Wow, time has really flown and you will start college soon! Congratulations, and I hope you will enjoy your experiences there. :)

    What should you study? Well, what are you passionate about? I know you love cats, but what else do you love? How do you like to spend your time? Do you like to be with people a lot, or do you enjoy being alone more? This is important, because some careers require a lot of interaction with people, and others do not. Try to study in a field that you are really interested in, and talk to as many people as you can to find out what sort of jobs are available in that field. During your studies, you could explore some job opportunities in your field by taking a part time job or maybe a summer job.

    Good luck Raghda!

  • At 8:37 AM , Blogger Georgenac said...

    Congratulations on university Raghda! I check your blog about once a month just to see if you are there. Prayers for your family and for you! Georgena in North Caroilna, USA

  • At 3:47 AM , Anonymous guard runner said...

    ciao dall'italia. We are with you.


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