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Monday, June 16, 2014

Update on the Iraqi situation 16-6-2014

Rumors saying that Nineveh electricity has just been cut off by the "Iraqi" government, I am having difficulty reaching out to my family in Mosul to confirm this piece of information, first the government shut down the internet services and now the electricity too!? I am afraid that we wont be able to contact them in the coming days, there will be no phone chargers and things are turning from difficult to inhuman.

I repeat what the CNN said "At this point, al-Maliki does not have what it takes to address Iraq's problem -- because he is the problem". It isn't because al-Maliki is Shiite, it is because he , as a human being and as a person, is not good. The Iraqis in all their groups Muslims (Sunnis or Shiites) Christians, or any other religion, Arabs, Kurds or any other group, do not want to be ruled by an  un-qualified person. Your religion or race do not define your morals unless you, yourself, is a good person. Therefore, being a Sunni or a Shiite does not determine whether you are good or bad.

Iraq has good people in it, and I hope that those people will find a way to help out. THE IRAQI PEOPLE, not Iran and not America. In this point, our only hope is God.


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