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Sunday, July 03, 2005

Iraqis are not allowed to go to the U.K

I am sorry for my absence, I went to Jordan 3 weeks ago with my grand-father and grand-mother, we wanted to go to the U.K and because we can't get visa from Baghdad we had to go to Jordan and we had to go to the British Embassy their for 3 days at 4 am, and we couldn't get in, on the third day my father gave us a phone number which he got from the British Embassy's website and my grand-father call them and told them that he is 77 and he can't stand in the street for long time, then they allowed us to get in.
But our effort has gone for no thing because they didn't give us visa, and their reasons were very silly, for us they told us'' You are carrying a lot of money'', for others they told them'' You need more money to go to the U.K'', they should say'' Iraqis are not allowed to go to the U.K''.
They didn't treat us well, and I didn't like them at all, you will say the same if you treated like that.
Only Iraqis were treated bad, if any Jordanian come to the British Embassy, they let him in by the moment and give him visa. For that my grand-father decided to end his investment in the U.K which he had since 1979 and transfer it to another country.
With all that I had fun in Jordan, and the place I had most fun in it was the Zoo, it wasn't a great Zoo but it was the first Zoo I ever see, I saw cats, birds, tigers, lions, beers and monkeys.

Best wishes