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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

I am Back

Hi my dear friends,

It has been along time since I wrote any thing in this blog, I apologize for that, these last few months were too hard for me.My grandfather's death, (may his soul rest in peace), school and final exams.I thought many times in saying good bye and close this blog but I couldn't, I love this blog and I love u.
I did great in my exams by the way, I got 98,3%.It was hard to study in these circumstances but thank God I was able to do it.
What else can I say, hmmm, Iraq...
There is no Iraq any more, it is gone just like my life there is gone, but who knows may be it will back again one day, I look forward to that.

I am tired of getting sad, so let us stop here.

New cats coming on the way. See you then my friends.

Prayers for my dear grandpa. I hope he’ll be ok wherever he is.