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Thursday, October 23, 2014

The last post & The Goodbye

I started this blog years ago, when my heart was pure and my pain was little. The blog was supposed to be the true voice of Iraqis to the outside world, it was supposed to tell the truth that was never revealed by the media, and I hope the blog has done all that, I hope you all understand now that the war was unfair and its consequences were inhuman.
Too much has happened over the years and I saw too many people get hurt, we now live in a world where a widow with children is forced to leave her home with nothing but some clothes and suffer and fight so that her children can continue their education. A world where terrorist kidnap a father and a son, get money from their family and give them false hope that the hostages will be coming back in an hour, only to find later that the son is dead and the father has been shot 4 times and is currently in a coma. A world where people are competing whose pain is greater. My feelings are no longer important compared to those who suffer more than I do, my writings don't give them justice and don't give me satisfaction no more.
ISIS is the latest and cruelest war on Iraq, they misuse the name of Islam and they will never understand Islam. They murder Muslims and Christians all the same, this is not politics anymore but it is the beginning of the end of humanity, whoever is responsible for it is definitely not human. This will be the last post I write to you, my friends. I give up, I can not make the difference that I wished to make and I only hope that my silence will do better than my words.

Remember me with love, I love you all.