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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

One is finished, Four to go ....

Hey people,
I have missed you :D but I never forgot you, I hope I am not forgotten as well. I finished my first year of studying Architecture, the results aren't out yet but I am hoping that they will be very good. My life is still pretty much the same, I am still living in The UAE, still a stranger to the rest of the world.. but I am as said before, moving on. I am going to get my driving license soon and that will make another dream of mine come true. I think I have achieved all my childhood dreams, now I am going to put new ones, maybe a little more distant.
I went to visit Iraq a couple of months ago, I was shocked to see what my country has turned into, I didn't go to Baghdad cuz it was more difficult to reach but I visited Mosul and was so sad to see it like that. I even went to a place that was my favourite back then when I was a child, it is called The Oprawe Hotel and I almost cried, the memory of it is forever destroyed, it was such a beautiful place, green gardens, people going in and out.. while now it is just another big building with no life.

What can I do??